You Deserve A Better Personal Life, Start With Acceptance

You Deserve A Better Personal Life, Start With Awareness And Acceptance

by Digitalknowledge in Inspiration on February 20, 2022

Do you have the knack to accept the things you can change and the things you can’t change? Can you tolerate the countless changes that occur in your life?

When you are able to accept things in life, including you and other people you find a way to take charge. When you’re in command, it enables you to recognize how you are able to better your own life. When you learn to accept you’ll learn to discover yourself.

Many persons in the world believe that when we perform in the same manner at all times, we have instituted our identity. Politically inappropriate! We have emotions, thoughts, habits, acts, and have been contaminated by a world of influences both magnificent and evil. Every day we will feel something new, which leads our personality to reflect these adjustments.

We live in a world that desensitizes us. We’re surrounded by 1000000000000s of influences on TV, in the media, on radio, in homes, government, schools, etc. Each to their own, but everybody is judging somebody at some moment, which is something we have to accept. We can’t influence these people’s habits and way of thinking, but we may change ours. This is a component of learning and accepting. The best method around the world is to become your own influence and let other influences make another person’s life misfortunate.

Once you learn to accept you’ll be eager to laugh. For example, if somebody makes you crazy you’ll see the humor in his or her acts. You might recognize the humor in your actions if you make an error and play into their foolishness. Once you begin to notice the humor in life, you’ll feel better inside. When you learn to adapt to improve you, others might follow. Good action has proven significantly more powerful than words to promote others to change.

As you grow you’ll feel a fresh hunger, and that hunger will guide you to seek fresh ways to better yourself. In a time when you begin to feel better, you will notice a need to exercise, eat right, and hang out with positive influences, and so on. Once you feel this hunger, you’ll feel inspired to struggle to reach your goals.

6 Great Questions That Will Help You Find Your Focus
By: Cari Vollmer

Do you have a ton to do and have no idea where to start? Would you like to know with each step you take you’re heading in the right direction? Would you like to narrow your “to do” list down to a few key items and let go of the rest? Would you like to work smarter, not harder?

The questions below will help you do just that. Answering these questions will help you find your focus so you can do what you want to do and feel great about your life while you’re doing it.

  1. What do I care about most? Or, where is my heart leading me?

Only when you allow yourself to do what you care about most will you begin feeling better about your life.

Asking this question will give your HEART a space to speak and be heard. When we get wrapped up in all the “stuff” we have to do we often overlook what our heart wants.

  1. What do I really, really want to do? Or, ask yourself “is this what I really want?” If the answer is “no”, ask yourself why you’re doing it and then find a way to stop doing it. So much life is wasted doing things we don’t want to do.

Doing what you really want is a process of identifying and letting go of the things that you don’t want and replacing them with things that you do want. Overtime you’ll rebalance your life to include MORE of what you want to do.

This question will give your DREAMS an opportunity to come to life. This one question could set your life on a new course.

  1. How do I want to feel while I’m doing what I’m doing? If what you’re doing doesn’t give you pleasure while you’re doing it, you may be on the wrong track. Why? Because “doing” takes up much more time then the result. The result happens once. We reach each goal only once and then it’s over. The journey to our goals is what fills our life with experiences. If you’re not feeling good during the “doing” (aka — the journey) is it really worth it?

This question allows your SPIRIT to come alive — to be experienced.
Give yourself permission to do things that feel good and you’ll live an inspired life.

  1. What is the “for sake of what” behind what I’m doing? Another way to word this question would be, “In the big picture of my life what purpose does this action serve?” If the answer isn’t clear you may be letting life lead you.

This question helps you CONNECT THE DOTS and make better choices for your life.
Basing your actions on a clear purpose puts you in the driver’s seat which means you are LEADING your life instead of letting it lead you.

  1. What am I going to do? Make a list of all the things you care about and all the things you really want to do and prioritize them with a “1-2-3” approach. Rank your list in order of importance.

Of course we make choices (decisions) about what we’re going to do all day long BUT how often do we make choices after asking questions 1-4? Answering the above questions FIRST will give you the opportunity to bring more of what you really want into your life.

This question requires a CHOICE be made. Now you’ve narrowed your focus!

  1. How am I going to do it? After narrowing your focus create a mini action plan for each item.
    Write down the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.

Tip: only focus on 1 or 2 things at a time (ex: over the period of 1 month). Don’t try to do everything at once. That will just lead to overwhelm. Give yourself a chance to worker smarter and you will get more done.

This question will inspire you to TAKE ACTION. Nothing happens without it. In order to create the life you want you to have to give your dreams, heart, and spirit a voice and space in your life. However, this alone won’t make things happen. You have to channel all these things into a clear course of action.

Instead of jumping into your “to do” list, take some time to reflect upon these questions. By doing so you’ll put yourself on a life and/or business path that reflects more of what you really want. Determine your FOCUS first and you’ll live a fuller, richer life. Love yourself!

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