The Highest Meditation, The Super Science of Gayatri

The Highest Meditation, The Super Science of Gayatri

by Digitalknowledge in Inspiration on February 23, 2022

The Highest Meditation, The Super Science of Gayatri . The human brain is an incredible cosmic computer. Even the brightest scientists are in awe of the activity, movement, and potentiality of each of its cells. The direction in which these cells are applied generates a great deal of energy. All of a person’s bodily energy is directed toward his desires, aspirations, and cravings.

Emotions begin in the human mind. When the mind is focused on such emotions, a magnetic field is produced that draws the necessary elements from the surrounding atmosphere. This is meditation science. On this premise (AdiShakti), the Sadhak can attract and retain the power of the primal energy pervading the interior of nature.

Gayatri should be pondered daily during Jap or at any opportune moment. Sadhaks should meditate in a secluded location with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The mind should be clear and the body should be relaxed. While meditating during Jap, one should sit cross-legged and maintain a straight backbone. When not meditating with Jap, one can either sit in an easy chair or lean against a huge round pillow, a wall, or a tree for support. The body should be calm as if it were devoid of life. Close your eyes, place both hands in your lap, and envision nothing but wide blue space everywhere. Nothing survives the Pralaya (global destruction) save the blue sky and space. A mental image of such a stage of universal annihilation should be created in the imagination, and once fully established, an inner vision should perceive a small spherical mass of light in a distant space. Thus, Gayatri should be visualized as a little dazzling star that shines as brightly as the sun. With increased attention during meditation, this circular mass of light draws closer and becomes larger and brighter.

On close inspection, black specks can be seen in the Sun or Moon’s central section. Similarly, a faint image of Gayatri should be envisioned at the beginning of the spherical mass of Gayatri’s light. This image progressively becomes clearer to the Sadhak – smiling, talkative, sensitive, and vibrant. Prior to beginning meditation, the image of Gayatri Mata should be inspected minutely, lovingly, and repeatedly, and it should be firmly implanted in the mind in such a way that the Sadhak can formulate a mental glimpse of that image within the circular mass of light. In due course, the Sadhak would be able to see a lovely and fascinating image of Gayatri Mata encircled by a circular mass of dazzling light.

As a person sitting in the sun feels warmth, Gayatri’s presence as a mass of light infuses the Sadhak’s mind, inner self, and entire body with divine light. Just as iron gets red-hot when placed in a fire, the Sadhak who preserves Gayatri’s brilliance inside himself during meditation becomes one with the Almighty Goddess, a rishi dazzling with Brahmateja. He has the sensation that his entire body has turned red hot, like pure gold, and that a celestial, divine, sun-like light is shining through him. The Sadhak’s soul’s impurities, sins, and so on are consumed by this light. He perceives himself to be divine in nature, pure, courageous, holy, and distant.

In this meditation, many-colored lights are visible. Occasionally, little and large stars of various colors arise and disappear in this light. They can be seen traveling in one direction and then returning in the opposite direction. They are occasionally seen moving in circles and shooting rapidly like an arrow. These are all positive indicators of meditation practice. With the expansion of Gayatri’s energy within the soul, several potentialities and attributes begin to manifest as little masses of light of various colors.

When this Sadhana matures and becomes more profound, Gayatri’s brilliance stabilizes in the center of the brain or heart. This is the stage at which Siddhi is attained. When the Sadhak attracts and absorbs that brilliance from outer space, he reaches a moment where his body and Gayatri’s life force unite. Just as a person under the control of an evil spirit acts according to the latter’s will, the Sadhak’s thoughts, actions, behavior, sentiments, preferences, ambitions, and aspirations are all oriented toward selflessness and the greater good after establishing Gayatri inside him. Animality diminishes as divinity develops.

This is Gayatri’s ideal method of meditation. When the Sadhak meditates on Gayatri as a mass of light, he should feel as if its rays are infusing him with wisdom, virtuousness, and divine force. When the Sadhak emerges from such a meditation, he perceives an increase in the proportion of wisdom, purity, and refinement in his mind and body. In due order, the Sadhak develops into a repository of heavenly light (Brahmateja). This heavenly light is analogous to a bank draft that can be quickly encashed at any bank of Shreya or preya and exchanged for divine or material wealth, as the situation may be.


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