Qaya, Google’s Powerful Digital Ecommerce Platform

by Digitalknowledge in Knowledgebase on June 9, 2022

Qaya, Google’s Powerful Digital Ecommerce Platform. Digital creators can now sell online through the beta version of a Google stores service called Qaya. Creators can sell their products on Qaya and integrate their storefront with the YouTube merch shelf, Google Search, and Google Shopping. However, they may also monetize their content through other means.

Nathaniel Naddaff-Hafrey, co-founder and general manager of Qaya, announced the new Google stores offering and provided the following justification:

“On Qaya, creators sell trapeze workout guides, wellness training videos, photo filters, beat packs, ASMR read-alouds, productivity templates, knitting patterns, and a great deal more.

We currently support pay-gated and free products, with tipping, subscriptions, and other monetization types on the way.

As a Founder-in-Residence at Google’s Area 120, Naddaff-Hafrey created Kormo, a job-hunting platform for users in India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. (Google’s Area 120 is an incubator for new products and services.)

After spending time with creators, he said he repeatedly heard that building a digital creator business was time-consuming and challenging, which sparked the idea for Qaya.

“Google has always supported creators, from early Internet publishers to YouTubers today,” said Naddaff-Hafrey. “Our objective with Qaya is to explore new ways to continue this work: providing creators with the tools to build successful, owner-operated web businesses.”

Early in 2021, Qaya began live testing and is currently focused on the US market. Unfortunately, there is no information about annoying details such as the service’s price or terms of service.

If you are a creator and would like to collaborate, you must instead request an invitation from the Qaya website.

In his blog post, Naddaff-Hafrey explained that creators use Qaya as the hub of their web-based commercial activity. “Many include links to their Qaya storefronts in their social media bios, where they display digital products they’ve uploaded or products and services hosted on other websites. We offer custom or URLs with integrated payment capabilities.”

In addition, he stated that Qaya provides creators with customer-management and analytics tools for connecting with their fans and understanding sales and content performance.

Interestingly, eligible YouTube creators can also promote Qaya products directly underneath their videos. This may reveal a great deal about the intended market for Qaya stores.

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