Angel Investing

Angel Investing

by Digitalknowledge in on May 25, 2022

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Angel Investing.

Angel Investing- Beginner’s Guide To Angel Investing is a 26-page, +6000 word report. This report examines what angel investing is, where you should go to find companies who need your money, and what you should reasonably expect in return. Additionally, it will introduce the 10% rule and 12 company tips successful angels use to minimize risk while still exposing them to potentially huge returns.

Here’s what this product covers:

– Introduction.
– Defining Angel Investors.
– How (and Why) to Become Accredited.
– How to Find Companies Who Need Money.
– What to Reasonably Expect in Return.
– The 10% Rule You Should Use with Any Investment.
– The 12 Company Rule Successful Angels Live By.
– Develop a Personal Investing Guide.
– Top 10 Tips on Angel Investing.
– Plus so much more.


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