Binaural Beats Vol 2

Binaural Beats Vol 1: 10 Hours Of Beats, Change Your Life

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Binaural Beats Vol 1: 10 Hours Of Beats, Change Your Life. Binaural beat treatment is a new type of sound wave therapy that is gaining popularity. It makes use of the fact that each ear receives a slightly different frequency tone, but the brain hears them as a single tone.

Anxiety, stress, and related problems are being treated using this form of therapy, according to proponents. This type of self-help treatment is usually in the form of audio recordings that are listened to through stereo headphones.

However, evidence on the clinical effects of binaural beat treatment is inconsistent, and it is not administered by a doctor. As a result, this form of intervention should not be used to substitute established stress and anxiety treatments.

How to use binaural beats:

All you need to experiment with binaural beats is a good pair of headphones or earbuds.

Tracks: Each Track Is 2 Hours Long
31 de 100 Looking at The Sky
50 De 100 Buddha’s Garden
64 100 Abundance Within
84 De 100 Deep Consciousness
91 de 100 Morning Focus


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