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Great Stories for Children

by Digitalknowledge in on December 30, 2021

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Great Stories for Children. Great Stories For Children is a collection of tales ranging from nature and pets to leopards, bears, and even ghosts, all written in Ruskin Bond’s trademark funny style. The short stories in this collection introduce readers to unexpected places and fascinating characters. To begin, there’s Tutu, the monkey who delights in causing mischief for Aunt Ruby. Aunt Ruby is incensed as he flees with her priceless necklace. Will she be able to reclaim it? In another narrative, a pet python arrives in the most unexpected locations, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Then a wicked ghost appears, who amuses himself by agitating the house’s tenants whenever he is bored. The book follows three children who become stuck and forced to wait out a storm on a frightening hill. Additionally, one narrative has a crafty robber who is good at eluding capture every time. However, his conscience eventually triumphs. Is he able to abandon his previous way of life and become an honest man? This book also includes a humorous story about the renowned Himalayan bears. They delight in devouring plums, apricots, and pumpkins. One of the tales in Great Stories For Children features the maestro himself, Ruskin Bond. He meets a ghost in the dead of night while staying at a resort. What is the ghost’s objective? Will Bond be able to escape safely? Additionally, Strange Men, Strange Places, School Days, All Roads Lead To Ganga, The Rupa Carnival Of Terror, and School Times are included in Great Stories For Children.


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