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Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course

by Digitalknowledge in , on March 27, 2022

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Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course

Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course. Freelancers in Digital Marketing Are In Big Demand.  Freelance Digital Marketing – Currently, there Are Unlimited Opportunities for Freelance Digital Marketers.
Since the onset of the pandemic, the need for freelance digital marketers has skyrocketed.
The average Digital Marketing Freelancer early is $154,000 and up yearly.

The process of advertising services and products online is referred to as freelance digital marketing. Freelance digital marketers have progressed significantly from their early days as web designers. Software companies, legal firms, and hospitals were the only enterprises that hired freelance digital marketing gurus a decade or two ago. Today, any sort of company can benefit from the services of freelance digital marketing professionals.

Before a person can start making money as a freelance digital marketer, they must master a few key abilities. They must be able to conduct market research, produce distinctive advertisements, and choose the ideal keywords for their clients, generate interest and drive traffic to that company’s website or products. The majority of clients have a pretty clear notion of what they want. The freelance digital marketing professional’s task is to brand and promote that specific product or idea and convey it in the most effective way possible.

Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course will provide all you need to become an internet marketing master.

Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course Contents:


How To Establish & Master a Nomad Digital Lifestyle Video & Audio Course

Discover A Step-By-Step Guide For Aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneurs To Live, Work, and Play Anywhere in the World. Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials. Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Being a digital nomad is something that was unthinkable even 20 years ago. Taking on this lifestyle makes you a pioneer and it’s one of the greatest adventures you can embark upon in the 21st Century

To start with, it’s not easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it! It will require work and effort on your part. But once you’ve established these basic foundations, you’ll be on your way to a “nomadic lifestyle”!

The good news is I’ve created this course to help you get started, no matter whether you’re a beginner. I’ve put it all into one easy-to-understand course.


What you’ll discover in this course:

  • How to find regular employment that you can do online while traveling.
  • How to set up a simple online business easily.
  • How to create a passive online business so you can still be making money while traveling!
  • How to budget for your journey.
  • How to plan your trip including managing paperwork and cash flow.
  • How to collaborate with clients across the globe.
  • How to find other nomads and build lasting relationships.
  • How to stay safe while you’re traveling.
  • Which travel equipment you should get so you’re not over-packing.
  • How to stay disciplined and balance work and play.
  • How to find affordable and cheap accommodation while traveling.
  • The art of working out of cafes.
  • And much, much more!

How To Start a Freelance Business Video & Audiobook Course

Now You Can Get Instant Access To a 10-Part Training Series To Help You Get Ahead Even More. Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home! How To Start a Freelance Business is a brand new training course that is full of all the tips, tricks, and tried and tested strategies that you will need to start a successful freelance business.

Starting your own business can seem like a huge challenge—there are so many things that need to be considered; most of all, will a freelance business be the right choice for you? This eBook will teach you all you need to know and help you to start your thriving freelance business.

Some of the valuable information that you will learn from this training include:

– Why you should start a freelance business
– The benefits of a freelance lifestyle
– What kind of freelance business you can start
– How to set useful business goals
– The importance of a business plan and tips to create one
– Often neglected things you will need to research
– Where to find clients
– The legal part of business
– How to make sure you are ethical
– Why you should communicate effectively with your clients
– The importance of contracts
– How to start working without much experience
– More importantly, how to get experience
– The best places to find freelance work. We’ll show you 8 top places and methods of finding freelance work.
– How to create a portfolio
– What you need to include in a portfolio
– Why you should value your time
– How to price your work
– How to get motivated
– The key to success: time management
– How to scale your business
– Why you should develop a niche
– And so much more!

SEO Mastery Video Course

Would You Like To Discover A Shortcut To Profit From SEO Marketing School? Pay very close attention to this limited-time special offer. Shortcut your success with this HD VIDEO COURSE!

Learn everything you need to know about using the POWER of SEO to GROW your TRAFFIC! What if you could get results in the next few weeks, rather than years! Imagine being able to master social media, and write your own paycheck? And much MUCH more…

Marketing your business costs money, A LOT of money! The cost of paying a 3rd party company to market your brand can become astronomical! Facing budget restrictions, resource constraints, ever-moving timescales. Many find it’s a cost that can blow budgets and eat into revenue fast!

This is just ONE REASON why SEO matters! The world of SEO has changed over the years! Ask yourself this.. why are the biggest companies always on the first page of Google? SEO has power! Imagine being on the first spot on google getting thousands of high-quality visitors for FREE 24/7!

You will discover:

– Why SEO works so well for business when done RIGHT and why you need to take advantage of it today.
– Exactly how to use SEO to grow your business.
– How to execute the best content strategy that works.
– 10 best practices you should be implementing to stay ahead of the competition.
– Advanced tactics only the top 1% of people use.
– How to track and measure your results to make sure you stay on track.
– Why good link building is so important, and why all links are not created equal.
– How to nail your on-page SEO structure every time.
– How to perform keyword research, so you can rank on the first page of Google.
– And Much Much More!

Microsoft Ads Video & Audiobook Course

One of the main highlights of the Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course is our Microsoft Ads training.  How Would You Like To Skyrocket Your Traffic Super-Fast? Grab This ‘Microsoft Ads Training Kit’ HD Video Training Course Upgrade Package Today To Generate LIFE-CHANGING Clicks and Profits From Your Microsoft Ads Campaigns Even If You Are a Complete Beginner!

You probably know the importance of advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. But what about Microsoft Ads?

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine—an alternative to Google. It is the default Windows search engine on hundreds of millions of Microsoft products.

That means that there are a lot of people using Bing every single day—the same people who could be looking for your products or services.

You’ll get 35 chapters of step-by-step training videos which are the continuation videos of the basic package and will show you exactly how to get started with Microsoft Ads campaigns and generate life-changing income.

Everything is screen-recorded and well-explained. We have covered everything we think you need to know.

NOTE: This product has an “unrestricted” PLR license which means you can do “anything” you want with it.

NOTE: This video training course continues on from the first edition.

Here is what you’re going to learn in this 15-part over-the-shoulder video training course:

Video 16 – Bulk edit ads URL
Video 17 – How to pause ads.
Video 18 – How to increase ad bid at a certain age.
Video 19 – How to increase ads in certain countries.
Video 20 – Optimization recommendations.
Video 21 – How to spy on competitor’s ad using Ad preview and diagnostics tool.
Video 22 – How to add keywords.
Video 23 – How to use Microsoft keyword planner.
Video 24 – Search for keywords using Google Keyword Planner.
Video 25 – How to format keywords.
Video 26 – How to add negative keywords.
Video 27 – How to set a daily advertising budget.
Video 28 – How to edit existing ad set.
Video 29 – Automate extensions ad overview.
Video 30 – How to target countries.
Video 31 – Ad extension overview.
Video 32 – How to add site link ad extension.
Video 33 – How to add action extension.
Video 34 – How to add FAQ extension.
Video 35 – How to add contact us an extension.
Video 36 – How to add Money back guarantee extension.
Video 37 – How to add call extension.
Video 38 – How to add price extension.
Video 39 – How to add a structured snippet extension.
Video 40 – How to add callout extension.
Video 41 – How to use ad schedule.
Video 42 – Download Microsoft Ad Editor.
Video 43 – Installing Microsoft ad Editor.
Video 44 – Microsoft ad editor overview.
Video 45 – How to edit ads in Microsoft Ad Editor.
Video 46 – How to delete a campaign in Microsoft ad editor.
Video 47 – Import Google ads campaign.
Video 48 – How to download ad performance report from dashboard.
Video 49 – How to use reports menu.
Video 50 – How to filter campaign info.

Training modules:

Module 1 – 35 Step-By-Step Training Videos
Module 2 – Video Raw Files
Module 3 – Audio Files
Module 4 – Video Voice-Over Script
Module 5 – High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy
Module 6 – Doodle Style Upsell Sales Video
Module 7 – Upsell Graphics
Module 8 – Upsell Minisite
Module 9 – Upsell Follow-Up Mail Swipes
Module 10 – Special Report
Module 11 – Squeez Page
Module 12 – Squeeze Page Graphics
Module 13 – Squeeze Page Copy
Module 14 – Squeeze Page Swipes

Google Adsense Video & Audiobook Course

This step-by-step training will take you by the hand and teach you how to increase ad revenue without spending a fortune. With its proper use, you can easily set up an AdSense-friendly website and even monetize it in a few clicks. Many of our clients have rated this module as their number one module in the Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, You can use advanced Google AdSense monetization strategies to create your own AdSense account and earn cool passive income every month.

Google AdSense takes internet marketing to the next level. It is a helpful tool that allows website owners to select what types of ads are relevant for their target market, allowing only the most relevant ads to appear.

When relevant ads appear on your website or ads that interest/speaks to your specific target market, they are likely to click on those ads. And with Google AdSense, you earn money every time an ad is clicked. It really is that easy!

In short, Google AdSense allows Internet marketers and website owners to work together to ensure the best possible results from results-driven advertising. And do you want to know the best part about Google AdSense

– It works today.
– It will work tomorrow.
– It will work for months and years to come.
– It works for product creators.
– It works for service providers.
– It works for me and will work for you.

Video Marketing Video & Audiobook Course

First of all, video marketing is on the rise, flexible, and stands out. Thousands of people, especially entrepreneurs, are using and looking for updated training on video marketing.

According to studies, 74 percent of Internet traffic will be video, this means that if you’re not advertising through videos, you are and you will be losing a lot of opportunities.

Video marketing is cross-platform and can be adapted with other marketing methods.

Videos are easy on the eye and offer a breath of fresh air from information overload, hence, are more likely to be shared by consumers.

In Facebook alone last year, video viewership doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion views per day in a seven-month period– this makes videos a very powerful tool for advertising and with limitless potential!

Rich media like videos are highly favored by search engine algorithms, add this to the fact that Google owns Youtube, and you get outstanding exposure (, in fact, adding a video to your website increases the chance of a front-page Google result 53 times!).

Making videos are not only fun, with developments in tech tools day by day, it has also become easier and cheaper… and note that less cost means more profit.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this training:

  • Why videos are the best way to market your products, regardless of what it is! It’s practically flawless.
  • How to pick the right video for your product– it doesn’t matter if you’re camera-shy or lacking in high-tech equipment, there is always the perfect kind of video for you.
  • The role of SEO in video marketing is explained! and how to effectively make use of this information to maximize exposure and profit.
  • Where what, and how to efficiently manage, and make use of video-hosting sites! remember, two platforms are better than one– and there are a whole LOT of other sites out there.
  • Techniques and tips on how to make a PROPER Youtube channel, and brand yourself as an online marketer! all these are exclusively for you.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to upload, record, and edit the perfect video! and I’m telling you, there IS an exact blueprint for that.
  • What to take note of when making your videos– every little detail and every single second counts.
  • The best and easiest way for you to make your videos climb up the ranking ladder and beat any high-ranking video marketer! even if they’ve been there for years.
  • The dos and don’ts in making a successful marketing video– and I mean the things you should ABSOLUTELY do or don’t.
  • How to reach the top in just 24 TO 48 HOURS after uploading your video with the proper use of video.
  • The four NECESSARY stages of optimizing your videos and how to keep the audience watching.
  • Plus a lot, LOT more for you…

How To Get High Ticket Clients Video & Audiobook Course

The ability to get people to pay you top dollar for premium fees you command is a jealously guarded secret – UNTIL NOW, that is. Announcing. High Ticket Clients Secrets This is the go-to Master Program for anyone serious about getting high Ticket clients and skyrocketing their coaching and consultation business. As an added Perk: You’ll be the envy of your peers when you come out to a Powerhouse!

8 Video Series In MP4 Format, Total Running Time: 1 hour 08 Minutes. Only for new customers, how would you also like to get the video version of my training course?

You Will Access The Following Video Training Modules:

1: Why Go For High Paying Clients
2: What it Takes to Close High Paying Clients
3: How to Position Yourself as an Expert
4: How to Identify and Qualify Clients
5: The Sales Process
6: Overcoming Sales Objections
7: How to Price Your Product
8: How to Deliver Results After Payment Is Made

Internet Marketing Freelancer Training Course

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