Microsoft Ads Training Kit Upgrade Package: Bing Advertising

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Microsoft Ads Training Kit Upgrade Package.

Would you like to see your traffic sales skyrocket in a hurry? Microsoft Ads Training Kit Video Training Course will help you generate RESULTS with strategic, Microsoft Bing Ad Campaigns!

You’re probably aware of the value of advertising on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. What about Microsoft Ads, though?

Bing is a Microsoft search engine that competes with Google. Hundreds of millions of Microsoft products use it as their default search engine.

That means a large number of people use Bing on a daily basis—people who may be browsing for your products or services.

You’ll receive 35 chapters of step-by-step training videos that are follow-ups to the basic package and will show you how to get started with Microsoft Ads campaigns and produce life-changing money.

Everything is well-explained and screen-recorded. We believe we’ve covered everything you need to know.

Here is what you’re going to learn in this 15-part over-the-shoulder video training course:

Video 16 – Bulk edit ads URL
Video 17 – How to pause ads.
Video 18 – How to increase ad bid at a certain age.
Video 19 – How to increase ads in certain countries.
Video 20 – Optimization recommendations.
Video 21 – How to spy competitor’s ad using Ad preview and diagnostics tool.
Video 22 – How to add keywords.
Video 23 – How to use Microsoft keyword planner.
Video 24 – Search for keywords using Google Keyword Planner.
Video 25 – How to format keywords.
Video 26 – How to add negative keywords.
Video 27 – How to set a daily advertising budget.
Video 28 – How to edit existing ad set.
Video 29 – Automate extensions ad overview.
Video 30 – How to target countries.
Video 31 – Ad extension overview.
Video 32 – How to add site link ad extension.
Video 33 – How to add action extension.
Video 34 – How to add FAQ extension.
Video 35 – How to add contact us extension.
Video 36 – How to add Money back guarantee extension.
Video 37 – How to add call extension.
Video 38 – How to add price extension.
Video 39 – How to add a structured snippet extension.
Video 40 – How to add callout extension.
Video 41 – How to use ad schedule.
Video 42 – Download Microsoft Ad Editor.
Video 43 – Installing Microsoft ad Editor.
Video 44 – Microsoft ad editor overview.
Video 45 – How to edit ads in Microsoft Ad Editor.
Video 46 – How to delete a campaign in Microsoft ad editor.
Video 47 – Import Google ads campaign.
Video 48 – How to download ad performance report from dashboard.
Video 49 – How to use reports menu.
Video 50 – How to filter campaign info.

Free Bonus

Bing Ads Marketing Templates


Microsoft Search Network racks up 7.3 billion searches each month. Users can be targeted not only on Bing but on Yahoo and AOL as well (all part of the same network).

Officially the ad network is called the Microsoft Search Network and the platform is called Microsoft Advertising, but for the sake of this guide, we’ll be using the term Bing Ads, because that’s what most people know them as.

Just like with Google Ads, Bing Ads allow advertisers to create ads and bid on keywords. Ads can appear in several different places, such as the “Ads” section of search results pages.

Whether you are trying to get people to sign up for more info, request a service, purchase goods, visit your website, or download your app, you can accomplish all these goals through Bing Ads marketing.

These Templates/Guides Will Help You Take Your Online Projects To The Next Level With Great Success.

Just a small sample of what’s covered in the templates:

Best Practices

Targeting Worksheets

Ad creation Templates

Ad Setup Checklist

How To Measure Results

Ad Targeting

Learn How To Match Types and Negative Keywords

Exact Match – user searches for your keyword, word for word

Phrase Match – user searches for something that includes your keyword but contains other words before and/or after the keyword

Broad Match – user searches for terms close to your keywords, such as synonyms, slang, or similar words

Negative keywords – exceptions to when your ad will be displayed

Ex: your ad promotes “tennis shoes” but you don’t want it to show when someone searches for “tennis courts” – you would add “courts” as a negative keyword

Free Bonus 2

Internet Marketing Mistakes


Get It Right The First Time! Kick Start Your Business Online and Earn Huge Profits. Increase Traffic To Your Website. Ensure A Global Market For Your Product Or Service. Make Your Idea, Product, Or Service A Household Name. Enhance Awareness About Your Brand. Unleash The Marketing Potential Offered By The World Wide Web.

Stay clear of the rat race and grab the opportunities offered by the Internet to increase sales along with establishing your brand name online.

What you’ll learn inside this guide:

– Build an interactive relationship between your company and your customers.
– Get to know about the most common mistakes that people make in Internet marketing, so that you know what to avoid and can earn the maximum returns on your investment.
– Build an interactive relationship between your company and your customers.
– Reduce your costs of maintaining a physical store.
– Reduce the cost of advertising as digital catalogs are more cost-effective to produce than printed ones.
– Educate people about your domain and inform potential customers about your business.
– Customers who contact you online are more likely to make a purchase from your website, as they have gone through the effort of searching specifically for your product or service from the various other businesses offering the same.
– Update information on your website easily and quickly. You can alter details such as the availability of products and changes in price and promotion techniques as per current market situations.
– Reach out to a global audience for your product or service.
– Invest in your internet marketing smartly and reap the maximum benefits of this opportunity.
– Get to know about the most common mistakes that people make in Internet marketing, so that you know what to avoid and can earn the maximum returns on your investment.
– Target your market appropriately and incorporate elements into your website that will yield you the maximum benefits.
– Reap benefits from a powerful online marketing strategy in ‘real-time.’
– Understand the success or failure of your Internet marketing strategy quickly and quite easily.
– Conduct competition research enabling you to understand what is working for your competitor and how you can better your campaign.
– Analyze spheres where you can improve to market yourself better.
– And much, much more!


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