Power of Relaxation Align Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Life Through Meditation

The Power of Relaxation: Align Your Body, Your Mind and Your Life Through Meditation

by Digitalknowledge in on February 21, 2022

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The Power of Relaxation.Yogi Ashokananda’s unique, down-to-earth approach to meditation – one with strong connections to ancient Indian traditions but that is also fully adapted to the demands of modern Western living. Using evidence from medical and scientific research, Yogi explains the importance of relaxation and draws on the wisdom of tantra to guide the reader to understand the energy we control within our bodies.


Nowadays everybody wants to experience meditation through yoga, but traditionally it was the other way round – yoga (yuj) was experienced by practicing meditation. I do not think of my
own practice as a prescription for my life or a hobby that I can discuss at a dinner party. Instead, I integrate yoga and meditation into my life and live them along with everything else.

On my first and second visits to London, I felt overwhelmed and drained because I had never before experienced a metropolis like this. I described my reaction to my teacher and he replied, ‘You don’t know how to meditate.’ And so I made a plan … I looked for the busiest place in London and discovered it on Oxford Street. I set myself the task of meditating there during peak shopping hours. I found a spot and stood still, trying to meditate (I didn’t sit down because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself). I did this until I was able to rediscover the silence within me amid all the external bustle. Once I had reached a place of inner silence and found the peace that exists within, I was oblivious to my surroundings – I couldn’t hear a thing and nothing could bother me! I have lived in the UK since 2005, teaching various techniques and practices (including those featured in this book, as well as others) in order to help people connect with themselves and find a sense of balance with everything around them. These methods provide the tools to leave behind uneasy circumstances and situations, to grow, and to live a healthier and happier life. My teaching comes from years of study, practice, and experience alongside my teachers, my friends, and all my students. I feel it is important to honor the traditions and stay true to the roots of these practices,
which came from ancient yogis. Although I have been able to adapt these methods to suit the lives of people in the 21st century, they have not lost any of their authenticity and sacredness.



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