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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: Free Audiobook


Old Woman All Skin And Bone

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.  The Perfect Audio Book Series For Those Who Love Scary Stories. Free Download

Do you love horror stories? The type of stories that you read aloud to your children to warn them about the horrors of the night? Are you a newcomer to the genre, or are you a veteran who has already went through the raunchiest and most devastating stories out there already? Well then, this is the perfect midnight “snack” for you. This anthology depicts every corner of hell possible, in order to make you feel that chill running down your spine. Whether it’s ghosts, killers, monsters, or whatnot, we’ve got you covered. These stories are also for all ages, although we will say that we’re not afraid to get into the gory details, either. So, are you interested in a thrilling mystery? Will the detective find the right answers before it all goes to “hell”, or will he fail, missing the trail of bodies altogether? Will the cute foreign couple take the mental abuse from their boss lying down, or will they fight back, one slice at a time? Is that your wife sitting next to your bed, or is it something else? Who knows, really? After all, this is horror. It doesn’t need a happy ending to end, it only needs an “end”. So, if this sounds like a blast for you and your children, then give it a try. It’s perfect to spook your children, but at the same time it can make grown adults shiver in their trousers, too. It’s like a wise man once said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few skulls”. And oh boy, this book sure delivers on this promise. So, just sit back, get yourself a hot cup of coffee and get ready, because this ride is getting bumpier and bumpier with every story. The destination of this carousel of horrors? That depends. Have you been a good person? Buy the audiobook now!


27 Stories professionally read

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Audiobook

List of stories:

The Big Toe
High Beams
Cold As Clay
The Hearse Song
Me Tie Dough-ty Walker
The Hook
The Slithery Dee
Old Woman All Skin And Bone
Room For one More
The dead Mans Brains
A New Horse
Wait Till Martin Comes
What Do You Come For
Aaron Kelly’s Bones
The Viper
The Babysitter
A Man Who Lived in Leeds
Something Was Wrong
The Wreck
One Sunday Morning
W Weird Blue Light
Somebody Fell From a Lost
The Little Black Dog
Clinkity Clink
The Bride


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